Stripe Is A Risk To Your Business: How To Take Control Of Your Money And Data

Stripe’s increasing punitive compliance regs are seeing more and more businesses shut down for small rises in chargeback rates.If your chargebacks reach 0.8%, it’s just a matter of time before Stripe shuts down your account.

They will hold your money for weeks or months, disrupting your cashflow and ability to fulfill for your customers.

They will lock down your customer/cardholder payment data, so you won’t be able to migrate to another merchant processing partner.

If 1 fraudster blasts your account with a bunch of stolen cards, you’re gone overnight.

Stripe owns the customer.

It’s time to diversify payment processing and put multiple redundancies in place to protect your business.

Checkout Champ’s payment platform is built with this defensive payment strategy front and centre – plus we facilitate new banking relationship introductions for our clients.

Recording of call with Matt & Tom

  • You don’t OWN your customer data on Stripe, Shopify, Recharge
  • Payments – Merchants can do full reporting and export all customer data off CC platform
  • Full control of rebilling process and billing cycles.
  • Still have all data needed to rebill if you switch processors


  • Ability to run CC transactions as single transact
  • Combine all the upsells into one transaction on consumer statement
  • Consumer gets concerned if they see multiple charges
  • Tech to replace main product if they get an upgrade on the upsell
    • Doesn’t show that on the backend
    • Full data for reporting on backend
    • Consumer facing side reduced detail
    • Lessens customer service calls and questions
  • Preservation of session:
    • Even if customer backs up in browser and buys upsell
    • Final upsell on TY/receipt page sent


  • Integration with Member Mouse
  • Integration with List Track
  • Previously tracking information was passed to page from infusionsoft
  • Previously they couldn’t rescue data from their tracking platform
  • Now they can keep data with the order in the Checkout Champ CRM
  • Built integration to Increase Billing gateway to allow for
  • Built technology to segregate their transactions for physical and digital products for accurate tax reporting
  • Membership reporting to see more about their churn levels
    • Find out best/worst retention by source
    • Back it into their CPA reports, make data driven decisions about traffic purchases


  • Bundling tech – create any bundle of products – example of fruit basket
    • Sell the basket
    • Sell the selection of fruits in the basket
    • Allows for combination of product variations at individual product level
    • Automatic application of promotional pricing and multi-packs, application of discount codes
    • Allows consumer to have granular control over order composition and frequency

Native Path

  • Order bumps –
    • No longer just a checkbox, allow for customization of selection (choose flavor, size, etc)

Taylor Woods

  • Integration to Federal Firearms Licensign for Firearm sales.
    • Distribution to local dealer for completion of background check before
  • Customized pricing and discounting for membership products
    • Additional discounts, promotional offers, free shipping, etc
  • Allow company to do Customer service in Checkout Champ OR in Shopify
    • Checkout champ is the checkout, so transactions happen there
    • Posts order back to Shopify so the data is synced
    • Shopify plugins, tax, SMS etc can go back
    • Business owner has total control/flexibility
    • Upsell flows have total control
    • Checkout page design
    • Payment processing choice – not limited to shoppay or
    • Mnaging pricing perceptions – different ways to skin the cat

Dynamic BIN routing

  • Automated risk management
  • Don’t put all your eggs in one basket
  • $50k-100, you need 3-5 merchant accounts to manage risk
  • $50k per merchant account per month
  • MAYBE $100k if chargebacks are below 0.8%
  • BUT you have to own the data!

4 Way Split Tests

  • Granularity to the tiniest page element

Dynamic Upsell Routing

  • Different options based on GEO
  • Allows for different regulatory compliance by country
  • Upsell logic based on initial cart selection

Consultative sales system:

  • Discover (opportunity to do business)
  • Diagnose (ask for symptoms, identify problems)
  • Design (solutions)
  • Deliver (on what was promised)

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