Adding One-click-upsells to your ecom product funnels is a proven strategy to improve Average Order Value and overall conversions for your stores. In this blog post, we explain how one-click-upsells work, how to add them to your store, and how Checkout Champ users see AOV bumps as high as $40 and $50.

What are one-click-upsells?

One-click-upsells are extra products and services that you offer to customers after they have just made a purchase.The best time to sell anything to anyone is when they just bought something! Purchases are driven by emotion, and one thing you know for sure about a recent buyer is that they’re in a ‘buying mood’.

For example, let’s say you sell shoes in your store:

A customer adds a pair of $97 shoes to their cart, and pays for them at the checkout.

Instead of a ‘thank you’ page, they land on a ‘One-Time Offer’ page to get a special deal on 3 pairs of matching socks for just $10… which they add to the shoes they already paid for with just one click.

And with checkout champ you can add more than one upsell in sequence, with each additional product needing just one click to buy…

So after they buy the socks, you offer them a $15 shoe buffing kit, then some $30 wooden shoe trees, then a $25 travel case… The options are endless.
In this example, stacking related products in an upsell path like this turn a $97 initial purchase into a potential $177 order after all the upsells are done… Massively boosting AOV.

Now add that across all your product SKUs and you instantly understand why One-Click-Upsells are so powerful

How do I add one-click-upsells to my store and why are they so effective?

Checkout Champ is the hands-down best way to integrate customizable one-click-upsell features to your Shopify store.

Other upsell apps in the market are multi-step upsells which kill conversions… Plus they force you to use basic limited templates which don’t give you the freedom and power to build upsell pages the way that works for your business.

Checkout Champ has superior functionality too… Other options in the market require you to install multiple apps to do multiple upsells, slowing down page speeds and causing higher bounce rates.

With Checkout Champ, you add as many upsells as you want without sacrificing page speed. You have complete control to customize the flow too, making Checkout Champ a platform like no other!

Advantages Of Using One-Click-Upsells And Checkout Champ

One click upsells are a great way to increase your average order value and improve your conversion rate. Imagine… adding an additional $40, $50 or more on average to every sale!

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