Give your online store a fast checkout

E-commerce store owners are leaving money on the table by neglecting the most important page on their store…

Even with high-converting ads and conversion-optimized landing and product pages…

Without an optimized checkout process and upsell path… money is leaking like water through a sieve.

The truth is, the usual, multi-step checkout page seen on most stores doesn’t cut it.

With slow load speeds of 3 seconds or more to the checkout page…

40% of would-be customers bounce.

But with Checkout Champ’s lightning fast sub-1 second load speeds, a typical store sees a minimum 15% boost in sales.

To put that into perspective…

If a store is making $100k to $1mm a month (with a slow checkout page)…

Then that same store could add AT LEAST AN EXTRA $150k EVERY MONTH if the checkout page is optimized.

That means extra money to buy more traffic, pay more influencers, and scale to the next level.

All this, just by optimizing the most ignored page in your store.

As an e-commerce business owner, it is essential to have a fast and easy checkout process for customers.

Not only does it improve the customer experience, but it also reduces the amount of time and effort spent dealing with customer service inquiries.

Here are some tips to help make the online store checkout process fly:

Streamline Forms

If a customer has to tick too many boxes or provide too much information to checkout, they’ll likely bail on the process altogether.

Instead, opt for a simple, single-page checkout form.

Go through every data field from the customer perspective – are they all 100% necessary?

Remember – you can collect more data post-purchase, so keep their first checkout experience as streamlined as possible – just the essentials.

Also, consider not asking customers to register before they check out.

Requiring customers to sign up for an account before they check out significantly increases the checkout time and pushes potential customers away.

A guest checkout option allows customers to make their purchase without having to create an account, while still collecting essential information for their order.

You can always email them to complete registration AFTER you’ve got their payment.

Speed Up Load Times

We mentioned it at the top of the article, but this is SO important it’s worth saying again.

Make your checkout load faster, or lose 40% of your potential customers.

This is life or death stuff for your business.

If customers are stuck waiting for pages to load, they’ll get frustrated and leave before buying.

They’ll also be less likely to give your store a second chance.

There’s not much you can do to increase the cart load times if you’re using a hosted solution like Shopify or BigCommerce…

But if you’re on WooCommerce or another WordPress-based CMS you might be able to upgrade your hosting package, or work with a web developer to optimize images, scripts, and CSS to ensure pages are loading quickly.

Best of all though – move your checkout process to a performance optimized Checkout solution that’s already got the speed you need.

Show Shipping Costs Upfront

Too many e-commerce owners think they’re very smart by being coy about their shipping costs and hiding this important info until customers are putting in their credit card details.

This is a mistake that drives up cart abandon rates, and damages customer trust… Which is the most valuable asset for an online business.

Trying to hide shipping costs is pretty much always an own goal.

The last thing customers want to do is fill out a form, only to find out that the total price including shipping costs is way more expensive than they expected.

Consider adding a shipping calculator to the storefront and displaying it prominently, so customers get an estimate of the costs before checking out.

Not only does this help with providing a high-integrity customer experience that builds trust, but it also reduces the risk of cart abandonment.

Don’t Confuse Your Customer

There’s an old piece of sales wisdom that “the confused mind says no”.

Unfortunately, a lot of e-commerce store owners never got that memo.

The last thing we want is for customers to be confused or frustrated by the checkout process.

Make sure the checkout process is easy to navigate by having every step clearly laid out, with on-page graphical elements like arrows, callouts, and highlights to show which fields and buttons customers need to click to move on to the next step.

Include visual cues such as progress bars to indicate where customers are in the checkout process.

Use automated localization to give instant feedback about shipping times, payment options and local currency costs.

Invite user feedback about improvements to your sales process, and use session recording tools together with heatmaps to see exactly where customers get delayed or confused and bounce off your pages.

Remember – the easier it is for customers to navigate the checkout process, the more likely they are to complete their purchase.

Some of these items may not seem like ‘performance’ improvements… But the speed of a checkout is a combination of how optimized it is from both a technical and usability point of view.

By streamlining forms, offering guest checkout, speeding up load times, showing shipping costs upfront, and making it easy to navigate… You make the checkout process faster and more convenient for customers so they get their credit card details entered faster.

With consistent effort and attention to detail, there is a significant revenue boost to be gained from optimizing every online store’s checkout process.

Checkout Champ Can Help

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