What Third-Party Apps Can You Ditch When You Get Checkout Champ?

Are you tired of juggling multiple third-party ecommerce apps on your Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento store? Look no further than Checkout Champ! Our checkout extension offers a streamlined solution to help you ditch unnecessary apps and optimize your checkout process. Say goodbye to the hassle of managing different apps and hello to a simplified and efficient checkout experience for both you and your customers.


In the bustling landscape of Shopify stores, several checkout apps have risen to prominence. Popular choices include Bold Cashier, valued at $30/month, known for offering one-page checkout and upselling features. There’s also One Click Upsell, priced at $14.99/month, gaining its popularity for its pre and post-purchase upselling capabilities. Shopify’s own app, Shopify POS, priced at $89/month, gives merchants the flexibility of managing in-store and online sales. However, all these require managing separate apps which can become time-consuming and confusing.

With Checkout Champ, you can replace these apps while still benefiting from their features like one-page checkout and upselling. This extension not only streamlines your checkout process but also helps to significantly reduce your monthly expenses by eliminating the need for multiple app subscriptions. Moreover, the convenience of managing everything from a single dashboard is a game-changer for every Shopify merchant.


In the Magento sphere, several checkout extensions are utilized by merchants. One popular choice is the OneStepCheckout, a premium extension at $245 offering simplified one-page checkout. Amasty’s Special Promotions Pro at $299 is loved for its dynamic pricing and promotions. IWD Checkout Suite, at $25/month, provides features such as one-click upsells and order bumps. All of these extensions, however, necessitate managing different apps which can lead to inefficiency and confusion.

Checkout Champ offers a viable alternative. Our extension allows you to replace these disparate apps while retaining the sought-after features like one-page checkout, dynamic pricing, one-click upsells, and order bumps. Plus, the advantage of managing everything from a single dashboard not only simplifies your operations but also slashes your monthly expenditure by eliminating the need for multiple app subscriptions. It’s a revolution for the Magento store owner!


On the WooCommerce platform, checkout plugins are plentiful. Key players include YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout at $99.99/year, favored for its quick purchase option, and Direct Checkout for WooCommerce, at $49/year, offering a streamlined, single-page checkout experience. Arguably the most expensive is the WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons, priced at a steep $179/year, providing extra fields and services to your checkout page. Each of these apps adds valuable functionality, but managing multiple plugins can become a headache.

Checkout Champ’s extension seamlessly integrates the best features from these apps, such as quick purchase options, single-page checkout, and extra checkout fields and services. In addition, you’ll gain the ability to manage everything from a single dashboard, enhancing efficiency and reducing costs by bypassing the need for multiple plugin subscriptions. This overhaul offers a transformative experience for WooCommerce users.


In the realm of BigCommerce, checkout apps are just as crucial. Leading the pack is Checkout Boost, priced at $20/month, favored for its countdown timer, free gifts, and upselling options. There’s also OneStepCheckout, a premium extension at $245, offering a simple one-page checkout experience. On the more expensive side is Bold Checkout, priced at $300/month, renowned for its customizable checkout experience and upselling features. Balancing all these apps can create a management maelstrom.

Checkout Champ offers an all-in-one extension, integrating the best features such as a countdown timer, one-page checkout, and customizable checkout experience. Not only does this simplify your operations by centralizing everything on one dashboard, but it also eliminates the need for multiple app subscriptions, thus reducing your monthly costs. For BigCommerce users, it’s a breath of fresh air!

What Does the Typical Ecommerce Store Owner Pay Per Month For Third-Party Apps?

It’s quite revealing when you examine the financial footprint of third-party apps. On Shopify, between Bold Cashier, One Click Upsell, and Shopify POS, store owners are shelling out over $130/month.

Magento users could find themselves paying upwards of $569 initially and $25/month ongoing for apps like OneStepCheckout, Amasty’s Special Promotions Pro, and IWD Checkout Suite.

WooCommerce store owners aren’t spared, with plugins like YITH WooCommerce One-Click Checkout, Direct Checkout, and WooCommerce Checkout Add-Ons adding up to over $327/year.

Lastly, BigCommerce users may face substantial monthly expenses as well, with apps like Checkout Boost and Bold Checkout costing a combined $320/month. These costs can really add up, especially for smaller stores or those just starting out.

But the good news is, Checkout Champ can help streamline these costs and offer an all-in-one solution that doesn’t compromise on features.

How Much Does It Cost To Have a Developer Customize Your Checkout?

Customizing your checkout can be an expensive and time-consuming endeavor. For Shopify users, customization of the checkout page is not available unless you’re on the Shopify Plus plan, which starts at a staggering $2000/month.

For WooCommerce, BigCommerce, and Magento, customization costs can significantly vary depending on the complexity of the features desired. A ballpark figure can range anywhere between $500 to $5000, and even more. This cost does not account for the ongoing maintenance and updates required over time, which also contributes to your total expenses.

Checkout Champ’s solution integrates the desired features without the need for costly customizations. Not only does it simplify your checkout process, but it also significantly reduces your ongoing costs. Choosing Checkout Champ is choosing a cost-effective, streamlined checkout solution.

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