The Importance of E-Commerce Checkout Extension: Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells

U.S. e-commerce sales reached over $1 trillion in 2022, according to the US Census Bureau. This trend is only expected to grow in the year to come.

In the e-commerce world, one of the biggest issues business owners face is the checkout process. A successful online business needs a streamlined e-commerce checkout flow.

Using upsells and order bumps in the checkout process can help you achieve more conversions and boost your revenue. If you’re thinking about maximizing the checkout process for your business, we can help!

Take a look at how these checkout extensions can enhance your e-commerce website.

What Are One-Click Upsells?

Do you ever make last-minute purchases when you’re standing in the checkout aisle of the grocery store? Those products are strategically placed to get your attention and your money. And it works!

An e-commerce site can use the same tactic on its checkout confirmation page. An upsell is an additional offer the customer sees and adds to their cart.

For example, if you’ve sold a new phone case, you can upsell a charger to go with it. Upsell items are usually priced comparably to the original item.

To choose the right upsell, think about what your customers may need and make your offers attractive to them. You may want to give a discount or other incentive to win over the customer, make the sale, and boost your brand.

An upsell is a fantastic opportunity to sell items you’ve had in stock for a while. You can pair these slow sellers with hot sellers and watch your products fly off the shelves.

Downsell opportunities are also an incentive for reluctant buyers at checkout. This is an opportunity to offer a product at a lower price after the customer has declined an upsell.

Creating a One-Click Upsell Offer

A one-click upsell at checkout is a powerful way to increase your average order value, as well as the amount of money that a customer spends on a purchase. Does your business sell subscription-based products? You can easily use Checkout Champ to add a subscription option at checkout. Let’s say that you own a gift box business and a person is just ordering one gift box. You can throw in a subscription offer at the checkout and give the customer an option to save a little bit of money while increasing their lifetime value as a customer.

Did you know that your customers can make a purchase after their checkout? This is another example of a one-click upsell. Maybe your ecommerce store has a pair of jeans that goes great with something that a customer just purchased. A post-purchase checkout will let your customer make a purchase again without having to go through the hassle of entering their payment information again.

One-click upsells are a MUST for ecommerce stores. If you don’t have these already, you are leaving 35% of your revenue on the table. Many e-commerce stores don’t have this because their basic platform doesn’t have this functionality built in. In fact, one-click upsells are such a powerful tool, Amazon filed a patent on them back in 1999. But luckily, the patent has expired and now everyone with an ecommerce store can use them.

What Are Order Bumps?

Order bumps can help you nudge the customer along toward conversion. You can use order bumps during the checkout process before the customer has initiated the purchase.

The key to a successful order bump is promoting an attractive offer for a low price. It may be the same product the customer is considering, but with a discount, free delivery, coupon code, or other service.

You don’t want to offer something more expensive than what the customer is considering buying. This can annoy your customers and send them away from your site.

Why Should You Use Upsells and Order Bumps?

One-click upsells and order bumps are easy ways to increase sales and revenue on your e-commerce site. They are simple to implement.

You don’t need to put in much effort to see these checkout incentives work their magic. Then, you can watch your online orders increase by using these checkout incentives.

Not using these features is like leaving money on the table. If you don’t take advantage of the opportunity, your competitors will.

Reduce cart abandonment, increase order value, retain customers, and watch your revenue grow with one-click upsells and order bumps.

Include a Guest Checkout and Other Account Creation Options

Many online shoppers would rather abandon their cart than create an account. It’s important to keep these customers in mind and offer an alternative checkout process.

Keep them online with one of these options:

Guest Checkout

Consider allowing shoppers to finalize their purchases using their email addresses. A few weeks after purchase, send them an email encouraging them to create an account on your site.

Social Media Access

Don’t dismiss the huge opportunity for increasing sales via social media. Shoppers are on these sites every day. You want your e-commerce shop to have a presence on social media platforms.

To make checkout easy, allow buyers to login with their social media accounts to complete purchases. There’s no extra work for you, and your business benefits by offering this convenience.

Enable Chat Support

Some customers will be reluctant to go through with their purchases for one reason or another. They may have questions about the checkout process, products, shipping costs, delivery time, or other concerns.

You want a process in place to reach these customers and meet their needs. Through chat, you can ease your customers through checkout, address any last-minute concerns, and lead them to conversion.

Boost Sales for Your E-Commerce Website

No matter what products you sell on your e-commerce website, you can use upsells and order bumps to sell your products. Unlike the main products that you need to choose and advertise, these checkout offers are always ready and on time to help you sell even more.

Part of successful growth includes choosing the right payment methods for your customer base. We would love to help you grow your business and streamline your payment processes.

Schedule a consultation with the team at Checkout Champ today to learn more about order bumps, one-click upsells, and other high-tech features that extend your existing ecommerce platform at the most important point, your checkout!

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