Revolv3 Partners with Checkout Champ to Provide Value for Merchants

Integration of Revolv3’s Advanced Payment Routing with Checkout Champ’s CRM and Order Management Empowers Merchants with Seamless Payment Solutions

Laguna Beach, CA, July 2023: Revolv3, the full-stack SaaS payment orchestration and optimization platform, is entering its strategic partnership with Checkout Champ, an industry-leading customer relationship management (CRM) and Order Management platform. This collaboration is an integration of Revolv3’s tech-forward billing and payment routing system to Checkout Champ’s extensive network of merchants, offering them unparalleled flexibility, configurability, and revenue optimization.

Merchants often face a dilemma by having to choose between an excellent billing solution or an excellent CRM with front-end capabilities. However, with Revolv3 and Checkout Champ, this dilemma can finally end. Now merchants can enjoy the best of both worlds – efficient billing combined with an integrated CRM solution, all within a single platform. With the Revolv3 and Checkout Champ partnership, merchants can effortlessly access billing information, subscription details, and payment histories. This integration ensures a seamless customer experience from start to finish.

Checkout Champ merchants can now efficiently leverage the advanced billing capabilities of Revolv3 through their CRM. Among Revolv3’s impressive offerings, payment optimization is a significant advantage. This partnership unlocks the potential for optimizing payments across multiple payment types, including credit cards, debit, ACH and more. Whether merchants require a billing platform, gateway, or processor, Revolv3 empowers them to manage simple to complex subscription options, substantially increasing approval rates while reducing churn and minimizing operational costs. Our combined efforts will help merchants better manage their payments, save time and increase efficiency and profitability.

This integration enables Checkout Champ users to unlock the power of Revolv3’s advanced billing features, including AI based payment routing, Network Tokens, Real-Time and Batch Account Updater, Submerchant configurations, payouts, split funding, and cross-processor retries. All the advanced payment features you have been dreaming of with an industry leading front-end.

“Collaborating with Revolv3 represents a significant step forward in our mission to offer the ultimate CRM and Order Management services in the market,” declares Matthew Martorano, CEO of Checkout Champ. “The integration of Revolv3’s advanced payment routing capabilities significantly bolsters our platform’s ability to deliver a seamless, comprehensive service for our merchants. We’re thrilled to embark on this journey with Revolv3 and can’t wait to see the profound impact this partnership will have on empowering our merchants’ growth.”- Matthew Martorano, CEO of Checkout Champ

For Revolv3 merchants looking to enhance their e-commerce offerings and increase sales, Checkout Champ stands out as an outstanding choice for an enterprise-level CRM. Through this partnership, Revolv3 merchants gain access to an industry-leading CRM and Order Management platform. By harnessing Checkout Champ’s powerful CRM tools, Revolv3 merchants can enhance customer interactions, streamline sales and marketing processes, and gain valuable insights to fuel business growth- while elevating the overall customer experience.

“We see this partnership with Checkout Champ as a great opportunity to offer their vast network of merchants the next generation of credential-on-file billing capabilities and to also provide our merchants with the opportunity to use Checkout Champ, an industry-leading CRM,” said Robert Podlesni, CPO at Revolv3. “By integrating Revolv3 with Checkout Champ, we provide merchants with a sophisticated payment platform that not only streamlines their billing processes but also maximizes revenue potential with no technical work required from the merchant. This partnership opens up new possibilities for businesses to scale and thrive in the subscription economy.”- Robert Podlesni, CPO at Revolv3

By integrating subscription billing data with CRM, businesses gain a comprehensive view of customer behavior, including subscription preferences, usage patterns, and payment history. These insights enable personalized and targeted marketing, improved customer segmentation, and tailored communication strategies.

Revolv3’s integration with Checkout Champ marks a pivotal milestone for both companies. Checkout Champ users seeking an advanced, flexible, and configurable subscription billing solution and Revolv3 merchants seeking an enterprise-level CRM to enhance their e-commerce offerings can now seamlessly integrate that platform into their existing workflows, enabling Revolv3 and Checkout Champ merchants to optimize revenue, drive customer satisfaction, and fuel business growth.

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