Landing Page Builders: What’s Out There

Landing page builders allow you to easily create stunning and effective landing pages for your website without any coding knowledge. Whether you’re launching a new product, promoting a sale, or capturing leads, a landing page builder is essential for any ecommerce store. Some of the major landing page builders include Instapage, Unbounce, Hubspot, and Shogun. These platforms are great, but they pose unique challenges to webmasters who need to build them quickly and add the page to their platform. Checkout Champ, a major platform for ecommerce store owners, includes a landing page builder that you can integrate into your website, as well as a lightning fast checkout.

What Landing Page Builders are Out There

Navigating the world of landing page builders can feel overwhelming, but let’s break down some of the top contenders. Instapage is known for its visual builder, allowing you to create aesthetically pleasing landing pages, easily integrated into your website through a WordPress plugin or custom domain. Unbounce offers similar features with a visually-driven interface that can effortlessly sync with WordPress or a custom domain. Leadpages, another visually appealing platform, gives you the ability to publish landing pages directly to WordPress or to a custom domain.

For those utilizing Shopify for their ecommerce needs, Shogun serves as a native app, offering a visually engaging page builder. What sets Shogun apart is its unique capability to integrate with products directly, eliminating the need to add a “Buy Now” button channel. Understanding these major players can help you make an informed decision about the right landing page builder for your specific needs.

What are the Benefits of a Landing Page Builder

Landing page builders offer a myriad of benefits to streamline your digital marketing efforts. First off, they allow you to craft unique standalone pages. These pages are designed to be distraction-free, centering the visitor’s attention solely on the product or lead sign up form presented. This focused environment can significantly increase conversions and aid in achieving your marketing goals.

Additionally, these builders equip you with robust analytics capabilities. You can conduct split testing to identify which version of your landing page yields better results, and track conversions with ease. This valuable insight enables continuous optimization of your pages.

Landing page builders provide the freedom to create a custom page, all without having to delve into complex coding. This means you can make your landing page truly your own, reflecting your brand’s personality and vision, while saving precious time and resources. With a landing page builder, you’re not just creating a page, you’re designing an engaging user experience.

What are the Drawbacks of Some Third-Party Landing Page Builders

While there are several third-party landing page builders that come with a variety of features, they are not without their challenges. For instance, many of these builders only integrate with Shopify stores via a “buy now” button channel or a custom domain. This limitation can make the landing page feel disconnected from the overall ecommerce experience, which can potentially dissuade customers.

In addition, these platforms sometimes offer a limited selection of templates. This not only restricts your creative flexibility but can also lengthen the customization process. Adding a call-to-action button can also complicate the customer journey, making the path to checkout longer and more tedious, especially in the case of the ‘add to cart’ URL in WooCommerce.

While Shogun does offer a more holistic approach with its native app for Shopify, it is a pricier option and its interface can be somewhat unwieldy. Ultimately, these drawbacks highlight the need for a more seamless, integrated, and user-friendly landing page building solution.

Checkout Champ Includes a Landing Page Builder

At Checkout Champ, we understand the importance of seamless landing page building and ecommerce integration. That’s why we offer an innovative landing page builder designed to blend flawlessly with your checkout process. Regardless of whether you’re using BigCommerce, Shopify, WooCommerce, or Magento, Checkout Champ’s landing page builder is there to enhance your ecommerce platform’s performance. Our builder empowers you to design visually compelling landing pages that guide your customers smoothly into the checkout process once they’ve added a product to their cart.

Say goodbye to disjointed ecommerce experiences and limited template options. With Checkout Champ, you’re in control of the creative process, ensuring each landing page aligns perfectly with your brand vision, without sacrificing user experience. Plus, you’re no longer restricted to ‘Buy Now’ buttons; our builder fosters a unified shopping and checkout experience for your customers. Elevate your ecommerce performance with Checkout Champ’s landing page builder.

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