How to Offer Transparency at Checkout for Customers Who Are Signing Up for a Subscription

While a typical bounce rate for e-commerce can often sit at around 20% and 45%, you might sometimes see that sharply increase at the checkout. If you are providing a subscription, this might be because of a lack of a transparent checkout. So, what does this mean, and what can you do to improve it?

Below, we expand on what it means to build trust with your customers so you can ensure they stick around to finish the sale.

What Is a Transparent Checkout?

Many subscription products have several components to them. These include the price of the subscription, the billing schedule, and the terms of purchase. Should any of these not be clear by the time the user gets to their shopping cart, they may get nervous about buying from you and cancel their order.

A transparent checkout provides clear and concise details to buyers on what they will receive, building trust in the seller. This gives the customer the reassurance they need to finish a transaction.

Clear Subscription Pricing

Having clear pricing increases sales transparency by avoiding customer confusion and frustration. There are no hidden fees when the user gets to their shopping card, and they do not feel as though they have fallen victim to a lie.

If you find you have a lot of drop-offs, especially if you use a low price point for early subscription periods, you may find this is the issue.

Billing Schedules at the Checkout

Having clear information on when subscription services renew can ensure they can plan their budget in response. If a customer does not have this information, they may worry about whether you are going to bill them weekly, monthly, or yearly, for example.

Easy-to-Understand Terms and Conditions

You can only offer transparent subscriptions by making sure a buyer knows everything about the contract they are signing. This includes information on the terms and conditions most people click through without thinking.

Doing things like offering a plain-language summary of this contract will prevent you from scaring people away. It also goes the extra mile to ensure subscribers understand what the subscription means for them.

Transparency Through High-Quality UX

A good user experience can elevate a checkout to one that not only displays all the necessary data but also makes sure a customer understands it. The site should use aspects like colors, layout, and font choice to communicate the terms of sale effectively. Another benefit of this is that it can often make you look much more professional, building trust with the client.

Ensuring a High-Quality Transparent Checkout Experience

All the above tips should get you well on your way to having a transparent checkout. Still, this can be a lot of work to change, especially if you have not looked into it before.

Checkout Champ can help you by providing a level of checkout optimization to your e-commerce site you may not have had before. By offering as much checkout detail as you want, you can ensure potential customers get all the information they need up-front.

So, get in contact today to book a demo and find out what Checkout Champ can do for you.

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