How to improve sales performance

Figuring out how to improve sales performance for an online store is not an easy task, especially with the increasing competition in the market.

In 2023, the e-commerce business has a failure rate of about 80%-90.

And of the 10% who ‘make it’ beyond their first year in business…

Most stores get stuck at mid 6-figures and are unable to scale beyond that.

There isn’t 1 special ‘x factor’ to get a store over 1 million dollars annual revenue, but stacking up lots of small wins through testing optimizations across a site does go a long way.

Let’s go over some tips to improve sales performance by making sure your store stands out from the rest, and is making the most of its potential.

Focus on the User Experience

The term User Experience sounds vague because it covers a lot of ground.

So many things contribute to the experience of visiting an online store.

Design and copy are important, site performance matters , and marketing automation is essential…

But there’s more to experience than how a site looks and behaves.

How it ‘feels’ to the user is subjective, and hard to measure – but we have to try.

The best way to improve UX is to always be testing.

Experienced split testers will test any and every element on their pages, and are often surprised how things that seem unimportant or even silly will make a big bump in conversions.

It can be as simple as the color of a button, or the word order of a CTA.

You just don’t know until you test how CUSTOMERS are reacting to your site.

Session recorders and heatmaps will go a long way, but scheduling calls and interviewing your customers is very revealing too.

Nail the Branding

Having a strong and memorable branding is essential for any online store to continue growing beyond 7 figures.

Product, pricing and promotion will only take any brand so far.

If it’s going to get real traction to go the distance, a brand needs to have a large ‘word of mouth’ component that spreads the news around without additional marketing spend.

Great products with a unique, recognizable, and consistent brand identity help you to stand out, be worth talking about, and build a reputation in the market.

This helps new customers discover you as well as helping past customers remember and come back for more.

Optimize for SEO

New e-commerce stores are usually heavily dependant on paid or affiliate traffic in their early days…

But as the store starts to grow and stabilise income, the most profitable sales will come from traffic the owner doesn’t need to keep paying for.

Build a list helps to achieve that goal, but long-term, SEO is the most important traffic source for a brand with big ambitions, and essential to succeed in the online retail world.

To do SEO at this high level, you do need technical help from people with deep expertise…

But getting going with SEO is not as difficult as all that.

The main thing to remember is the SEO is driven by Google.

Google is the most popular search engine because it gives the most accurate and useful results to its users.

So if you want to create content that ranks highly for SEO?

Create accurate, useful, and relevant content that helps potential customers to understand what you sell and how it fits the customer’s needs or wants.

All the advanced SEO tactics in the world can’t work if there isn’t quality content to optimize for.

Offer Additional Services

There are extra services you can add to customer orders that will incrementally increase AOV as well as having a big positive effect on customer satisfaction with your service.

This includes services such as gift wrapping, free shipping, free returns, or expedited delivery.

Anything you can add to an order that makes your customer feel they are getting personal attention and special treatment will increase their satisfaction with your order.

Keep in mind that exceptional experiences are what generate word of mouth buzz and referrals.

Take Advantage of Automation

Automation is a great way to improve the efficiency of an online store.

As far as your customers are concerned, efficiency means getting their purchases into their hands as fast as humanly possible.

And when it comes to logistics, Machines are better than humans.

Automation tools are an important part of every element of an online store:

  • Testing advertising creatives and copy
  • Emailing leads and customers to engage and persuade them to buy more
  • Integrating orders with 3rd party fulfillment houses who pack and ship products
  • Updating the customer on shipping status of in-progress orders

All so you can increase customer satisfaction, and encourage them to return and spend more repeatedly.

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