Giving Customers the Option to Subscribe to Your Product or Services

In the crowded e-commerce world, attracting new customers isn’t always easy. Reaching new customers and developing relationships is the ultimate goal. 

As your customer base grows, so does your brand and your authority in your industry. Offering subscription options helps you communicate with customers, provide better customer service, and keep customers engaged.

Subscription services that flex as customers’ needs change help enhance the overall customer experience. This will help you move products through customer checkout and increase your bottom line.

If you’re interested in attracting new customers, we have some ideas.

Here’s what you need to know about offering subscription products. 

Make an Offer They Can’t Resist

One way to attract prospective customers is to create a promotion or deal they can’t resist. Offering a special promo or discount before they make a purchase can help seal the deal. 

Subscription options that ask customers to buy right away with a discount before losing it will lead to more conversions. Don’t hesitate to offer a promotion that’s unique to your business or a bit outside the box.

Be transparent and upfront about costs or you will lose new customers. For example, if you offer a new subscription for $1, a free trial, or a discounted first order, don’t tack on additional charges or fees.

Say what you mean and offer a deal that customers can’t resist. You’ll be surprised at how many creative ways you can find to connect with customers and keep them coming back.

Subscribe and Save

Everyone likes to save money. This is a huge draw for customers who want to feel like they’re getting a good deal.

If a customer is going to continue to buy a cleaning product, coffee brand, beauty item, or any product, they will be drawn to a customer subscription that saves them a few dollars.

With subscribers, you save on overhead costs and sales tactics because new customers are buying from you on a regular basis. It costs you more to attract new customers than it does to retain your current ones.

Consider knocking off 10% for subscribers. Even if your business isn’t ready to roll out ongoing subscriptions, offer the customer something of value to inspire brand loyalty.

Add a Personal Touch

Offering a subscription is about creating relationships with your customers. Offering value to your customers is more than just transactional commerce. It’s relational commerce. 

The goal is to see your customers as people and deliver the value they need. Consider every visitor a potential subscriber. 

Add a personal touch to your orders. Consider adding a note, a free gift, or future discounts. This shows customers your investment in them and their experience with your brand.

When customers feel seen and valued, they’re more likely to sign up for a subscription and become long-term fans of your e-commerce brand.

The Value of Subscription Products

If you’re looking for ways to attract and retain customers, offering subscription products may be the answer. Offering an attractive introductory offer, a discount, a gift, or another perk appeals to today’s consumers.

Creating personal relationships and treating customers like family will benefit your business and boost your brand. Make sure you consider your customers’ needs and offer them something of value.

You’ll see the benefits of product subscription before you know it.

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