Enhance Your E-Commerce Store’s Ability to Sell On BigCommerce

E-commerce reached 1 trillion in sales last year. That’s 13% of total U.S. retail sales. Globally, e-commerce sales topped 5 trillion thanks to digital buyers around the world.

If you’re running an e-commerce business, growing your customer base is critical for survival. You need constant traffic to your website to increase conversions.

The good news is there are many ways to boost e-commerce traffic to your site. From SEO to website design to analytics, we have some BigCommerce tips to grow your online business.

Here’s how to ensure your business is ready to thrive on BigCommerce.

Make Your Site Mobile Friendly

Today’s customers are shopping with smartphones. If your website isn’t ready for them, you’re losing money.

Google Mobil Indexing ranks and evaluates online content. You need a mobile solution to capture these buyers.

A few tips for BigCommerce mobile compatibility include:

  • Keep the font scaled for readable content
  • Make sure the navigation and user interface are mobile optimized
  • Design a seamless browsing, buying, and checkout process

Preview the mobile experience yourself. An enjoyable customer experience will go a long way as you grow with BigCommerce.

Design Your Page With the Customer in Mind

There are many factors to consider when you’re designing your BigCommerce site. It should be visually appealing, organized, readable, and easy to navigate.

Consider the colors, text, products, and overall aesthetic you want for your customer. BigCommerce makes it easy with available templates, themes, and resources to design your e-commerce store.

Your target audience and brand identity should play a role in the layout and design you choose. Adding your products is easy.

Avoid crowding your homepage with too many products. If you sell a variety of products, choose the best you have to offer for front-page placement.

You don’t want your page to appear too busy or distracting to the customer. BigCommerce development services have filtering options and themes to help you create a beautiful store that enhances the customer experience.

Be Clear With Product Pricing

Pricing is one of the first things customers look for when viewing products online. Make your pricing clearly visible.

Customers won’t click “buy now” without first viewing the price. Placing the price close to your “add to cart” icon encourages customers to buy and saves them time.

Some BigCommerce pricing tips include:

  • Use a contrasting font and color for pricing
  • Highlight any discounts or coupon codes
  • Show the original price with the discounted price
  • Use .99 and .97 strategies to make customers feel they’re saving money

Simplify Checkout and Shipping

No matter how amazing your BigCommerce store may be, the checkout process is key to success. A quick, smooth process will help reduce cart abandonment.

To close the deal, place the delivery information on the checkout page. This avoids wasting customers’ time or having them enter data twice.

Show your shipping costs at checkout to reduce surprises and cart abandonment.

Adding a shipping calculator is another way to increase trust in your BigCommerce store and products.

Successful Selling on BigCommerce

E-commerce is bigger than ever and is only expected to grow in the future for retail sales. There are many ways to ensure your BigCommerce store is successful in the years to come.

Checkout Champ can help you supercharge your e-commerce store and add winning features you may be missing.

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