Easily Extend the Functionality of Your Shopify Website

With over 4.4 million Shopify websites around the world, they are one of the leading choices when it comes to e-commerce options. While it is a powerful platform for website storefronts, it does have its limitations. So, what can you do to overcome these and create a better user experience for your potential customers?

Below we elaborate on why a Shopify website needs a little nudge to be closer to perfection. By reading on, you will learn how you can use a best-selling Shopify integration to improve your visitors’ experiences day after day after day.

Is Shopify A Seamless Experience?

The Shopify website builder may be one of the most popular site creation tools on the market, and its storefront technology is above-par. Still, it has its limits.

Shopify website design encourages the user to build checkout pages that are not as robust as they could be. They tend to slow down, frustrating users and leading to potential cart abandonment. Over time, this can end up being a large percentage of lost sales and a real dent in your income.

You may also find there are limited options when it comes to upselling related items, or for cross-selling other merchandise. This, along with a lack of customizable checkout pages, can lead to many shops feeling the same with a strong lack of brand identity.

How Can Checkout Champ Help?

Checkout Champ is an integration that can extend the functions available in the base Shopify installation. Using it, you can improve the experience of your customers.

Offers Customization Options

The Checkout Champ integration offers a wide range of methods by which you can create a checkout page that aligns with your brand. At the same time, you can adjust the page flow to ensure customers have a better user experience on each visit. Using a drag-and-drop interface you can put together a storefront you can be proud of moving forward.

Improves Checkout Speeds

This integration optimizes the underlying checkout technology you use. As such, it ensures you always have much faster loading times. All page elements should thus both appear faster and perform their job with less hassle.

More Payment Options

Checkout Champ has over 100 currencies available, as well as almost 200 payment gateways. This allows your customers several options for payment.

All these options are also well-integrated with the software. As such, you can expect very few payment errors as customers use your site.

Make Order Bumps and One-Click Upsells Easier

Offering related products to what a customer is looking at can be a real boon to revenue. As such, Checkout Champ offers a basic interface that lets you add these to any item you might sell. Your customers will then see these when they go to buy the triggering product.

Improve Your Shopify Website

The above information should help you create a Shopify website to match your needs. By working with a Shopify website designer, you can install this integration and lift your e-commerce site to new heights.

If you want to know more, or you want to book a demo, then we are waiting to receive your message. So, get in contact and start your journey to a better shop-front today.

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