Checkout Page Design: Does Magento Checkout
Sequence Work Well on Mobile?

If you’re an ecommerce shop owner, then you might’ve heard of Magento. This is an open-source platform written in PHP that helps create ecommerce sites, and is known in the industry as a reputable and decent option.

However, most reviews comment on desktop experiences. Considering that 32% of American adults shop with their smartphones weekly, it’s vital that your shop provides a smooth mobile checkout process.

If you’re wondering about the checkout page design for Magento on mobile, then keep reading. Here’s what you need to know.

You Need to Buy Extensions

Mobile Magento works well enough, but it’s pretty barebones. If you use it as-is, then your customers won’t have a very pleasant time.

For example, to make things easier on them, you’ll want the one-page checkout feature. However, this isn’t available as a free checkout extension.

Ecommerce business owners have to buy additional extensions to make the Magento checkout process more mobile-friendly. This means you’ll have to spend more money than you first expected, which can cause you to go out of budget.

The Mobile Checkout Page Doesn’t Load Quickly

Today’s consumers demand fast mobile checkout times, and unfortunately, Magento doesn’t deliver on that. With each ticking second, users get frustrated; this will easily drive them away, as they won’t have smooth transactions.

To cut down on cart abandonment rates, you’ll need a faster solution to serve your customers. This will prevent them from looking elsewhere for products.

It Has an Unresponsive Design

Web design has always been a key factor in attracting or repelling consumers. With the advent of mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, it became imperative that pages load correctly so that all elements are displayed properly.

Thankfully, it’s not difficult to code pages to be mobile-friendly. These are called responsive pages, which adapt to whatever screen they’re loaded on.

One of the biggest drawbacks of Magento is that it has an unresponsive design. This means that when people load the checkout page on their phones, they won’t see all the necessary details.

It’s Difficult to Navigate

In addition to not being responsive, the Magento checkout sequence is difficult to navigate as well. Users will get frustrated that they can’t see everything and have to drag the screen around to see what’s able to be displayed.

Plus, the longer and more complicated the process is, the more likely they’ll abandon their carts.

Get a Better Checkout Page Design With Checkout Champ

The Magento checkout page design on mobile leaves much to be desired. And your customers deserve better.

If you’re a current Magento user, then it’s time to upgrade to Checkout Champ. We’ve got custom checkout extensions that’ll revamp your mobile checkout. In addition, they’ll optimize performance and elevate customer satisfaction, which will lead to more sales conversions.

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