BigCommerce Integration: Does BigCommerce Checkout
Work Well on Mobile?

76% of adult Americans say they only buy things online with a smartphone, and 28% say they use a tablet. This makes it vital for your ecommerce store to have a smooth mobile checkout experience. Otherwise, consumers will abandon their purchases and opt for your competitors.

Because it’s a big name, many ecommerce shop owners use BigCommerce checkout. But is it good enough for your customers?

Read on to find out if BigCommerce integration works well on mobile.

Mediocre User Experience

It’s true that the BigCommerce platform is user-friendly. Even though there are lots of features, it’s not hard to navigate, so your customers won’t find it difficult to find what they need.

However, the BigCommerce mobile app is a different story. It isn’t well designed, and people find it hard to use. In addition, it doesn’t have many features.

Slow Loading Times

This BigCommerce review shows that the platform doesn’t match up to other ones when it comes to loading times. It may not seem significant if pages take a few seconds extra to load.

However, the truth is, consumers want instant gratification, so the longer the load time, the lower the chance they’ll complete the transaction. Unfortunately, with BigCommerce, many users will abandon their carts when they can’t get the checkout page to load. As a result, you’ll have decreased conversion rates.

Comprehensive Payment Options

One benefit of BigCommerce is that it allows for comprehensive payment options that include both mobile and digital wallet payments. This means there are integrations for things such as Venmo and Apple Pay, as well as bank transfers and ACH payments.

Ecommerce store owners can accept payments offline too.

No Multilingual Options

An essential part of ecommerce is that you reach consumers from all around the world. But how can they purchase and check out if they can’t read anything on your site?

BigCommerce doesn’t have multilingual options built into its platform. So you’ll have to stick to English only, or you’ll have to utilize a third-party app.

Cumbersome Navigation

Yes, BigCommerce has an optimized single-page checkout function. Consumers usually prefer this to multiple-page checkouts, so ecommerce business owners turn to BigCommerce for this feature.

Sadly, the platform falls flat here. There’s still cumbersome navigation during the checkout process, so customers may get frustrated.

The upside is that there are free themes that are fully responsive, so they’ll definitely display correctly for mobile purchases.

Make Your BigCommerce Integration Better

With these issues, a BigCommerce integration alone isn’t worth it. But if you adopt Checkout Champ’s custom checkout extensions, it will be.

Our extensions can enhance your site’s mobile checkout, streamline the process, and improve overall customer satisfaction. As a result, you’ll boost sales and revenue, and see success for years to come.

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