5 Things to Improve Your Online Store in 2023

Here’s a fact: E-commerce sales are predicted to hit $6.5 trillion in 2023. If your store is not optimized for sales, you will likely miss out on huge money!

To prevent this, we’ve put together 5 recommendations for improving your e-commerce website, such as:

  • Improving your mobile UX
  • Making a clear call to action
  • Decreasing your page load time
  • Decreasing clicks to checkout
  • Increasing your payment options

Let’s go through these one by one and set up your e-commerce store for success.

Tip #1: Improve Your Mobile User Experience

Mobile is fast becoming the preferred shopping channel for online consumers. Shopify predicts mobile sales may account for 44.2% of all US retail by 2025.

This means creating a seamless mobile user experience should be a top priority for ecommerce store owners.

Checkout Champ lets you do this with built-in, responsive, and ready-to-publish themes and templates that are tested and proven to give a great customer experience.

Whether you’re on Shopify, WooCommerce, BigCommerce, or Magento… these templates complement your e-commerce platform’s framework, brand, and customer preferences.

Plus, they’re easy to set up. With just a few tweaks and customizations, you can take a ready-made template, plugin your content, tweak the appearance, and publish on the same day.

And speaking of customizing templates… you don’t need to be tech-savvy to do so.

Checkout Champ’s drag-and-drop page builder allows you to build responsive, easy-to-navigate and visually-appealing websites that convert.

Tip #2: Make a Clear Call to Action

What’s the use of having tons of traffic if you can’t convert leads into customers?

You need a call to action on every landing pages to bring new visitors into your world.

A good Call To Action:

  • stands out on the landing page
  • Is easy to understand
  • Is relevant to what your target audience is looking for
  • Explains what will happen if they take action

It’s also important to keep testing different versions of your call to action to know which converts best.

Checkout Champ’s 4-way split testing lets you test your call to action and other landing page elements much faster than standard A/B testing, saving time on optimizing them for conversions.

With Checkout Champ’s simple visual funnel builder, you can copy, and test new variations on landing pages in just a few clicks.

More testing leads to more insights… leading to better-conversions!

Tip #3: Decrease Your Page Load Time

E-commerce websites that load in under two seconds see the highest conversion rates… while every 1-second delay drops conversions by 7%.

And as much as 40% of website visitors bounce off a page if it doesn’t load within 3 seconds. Just imagine all those wasted clicks and high traffic costs!

Fortunately, there are several ways to improve your website speed, such as:

  • Optimizing images so they don’t take too long to download
  • Reducing external scripts to decrease the number of requests the browser has to make
  • Caching content to reduce server response time
  • Enabling GZIP compression to minimize data transfers for faster downloads

Checkout Champ’s in house development team has page performance as a top priority, and implements new performance optimizations all the time.

This means you get to create a lightning-fast checkout page that loads in under 1 second without any need for deep technical knowledge, custom code, or third party plugins.

That’s 10X faster than your current e-commerce platform!

Tip #4: Decrease Clicks to Checkout

Another thing that increases a potential customer’s chance of buying? A short and smooth checkout experience.

Checkout involves several steps:

  • Entering your email address and other personal details
  • Providing payment and shipping information
  • Selecting a delivery option

Reducing the number of page loads and clicks between “I want this!” and a completed payment is a key part of removing friction from our store’s checkout process.

That is precisely what Checkout Champ does with its single-step checkout and one-click upsells.

Upsells and custom checkout pages are among the most overlooked ways to skyrocket your profits – because it’s not easy to make layout or functional changes on Shopify’s native checkout.

But with Checkout Champ, our users have total control.

One-click checkout pages make it easier for prospects to buy your products.

Plus, one-click upsells let you offer extra stuff to ecommerce customers who are already interested in what you’re selling.

A custom checkout design and upsell flow can easily add $20 to $50 to any store’s AOV with a few rounds of split testing and optimization. You can:

  • Customize your checkout pages with pre-purchase order bumps, customer testimonials, videos, and images to boost conversions.
  • Add trigger pop-ups to notify customers or more attractive subscription deals.
  • Include dynamic upsell offers that will add specific products based on your customer’s cart.

And a whole lot more too.

Tip #5: Increase Payment Options

Ecommerce platforms like Shopify offer limited payment options. Customers who can’t find a payment option that suits them will get frustrated and click away.

It’s even trickier when you’re a high-volume e-commerce store catering internationally. Countries outside the U.S. use payment processors other than PayPal and Stripe, so you can’t just rely on 1-2 payment options.

Offering multiple payment gateways makes buying more accessible for your customers, enhancing their online shopping experience. They’re more likely to complete a purchase using their preferred payment method.

Use Checkout Champ to access over 180 payment processors and 100+ currencies on one platform. Offering different payment gateways opens up your e-commerce brand to new markets.

Checkout Champ also features dynamic currency conversion. It displays the exact product price in your customer’s local currency. This helps them avoid extra conversion fees on their credit card statements.

It also makes customers trust you. This, in turn, increases profit and decreases cart abandonment rates.

You can customize Checkout Champ’s dynamic currency conversion with one click. It even has a recurring payment platform to help you manage subscription income at scale.

With Checkout Champ, you can link the features you want to level up your existing store, and cut out third-party payment apps that cost you thousands per month in extra fees.

Improve your online store this 2023 using bolt-on technologies like Checkout Champ. Book a demo today and see for yourself what Checkout Champ can do for your store’s AOV and profits.

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